Ascent 2 of Jumbo Love by Ethan Pringle

Date of Ascent:

May 17, 2015

Suggested Grade:



8 years, 90 attempts


Ethan Pringle reports on Facebook about his repeat of Jumbo Love.
WOW!!! Yesterday I climbed my ultimate lifetime dream route, the most bad-ass sport climb I’ve ever laid eyes on, Chris Sharma 's ‪#‎JumboLove‬! WOW. I can’t believe it’s over. I say that half in a literal sense because when I sent it, it was almost like an out of body experience that I can barley remember happening. My story on Jumbo Love spanned over eight years and involved every emotion I can think of: awe, excitement, love, admiration, longing, apathy, fear, frustration, anger, resignation, acceptance, and eventually, MOTHERFUCKEN GLORY!!!


Ethan Pringle Climbs Jumbo Love (5.15b)
Yesterday, May 17th, Ethan Pringle claimed the 2nd ascent of Jumbo Love (5.15b) at Clark Mountain, California.


Q&A: Ethan Pringle Gives Some Love to Jumbo Love (5.15b)
Ethan Pringle spent the spring season in Las Vegas, and took the opportunity to head to Clark Mountain on the Nevada-California border and hop on Chris Sharma’s mega-line, Jumbo Love. At 5.15b, Jumbo Love is probably the hardest sport route in North America and in the past Pringle has linked big sections. In 2007, Pringle, Sharma and Chris Lindner avidly worked on the line. The following year, Sharma asked if he could try to send it and Pringle graciously complied. Sharma completed the first ascent in 2008. The route has yet to see a second ascent.


VIDEO: Jumbo Love | Reel Rock S2 E10
Ethan Pringle's obsession with Jumbo Love, the most difficult climb in North America, isn't just about an athletic challenge. The 200 foot overhanging wall of limestone is a symbol of the self-doubt and depression he hopes to conquer.