Date of Ascent:

January 15, 2016

Suggested Grade:



20 sessions over 3 years


Le Pied à Coulisse, first ~8C+ in Fontainebleau by Guillaume Glairon Mondet
Guillaume Glairon Mondet has med the first ascent of Le Pied à Coulisse, the direct exit to Chaos, at Rocher Gréau, Fontainebleau. Guillaume suggests 8C+ which would make it the hardest in Fontainebleau and a contender for the hardest anywhere.


Le Pied à Coulisse : 8C+ First Ascent
On my third go (the maximum number of try I can manage in a session), I wasn't feeling really good in the roof, but I fought like a bull, and pulled out the mantle!! After a good rest at the begining of the slab, I put myself together to finish the last part, and there I go! The the slab has some moves with no hand holds way up high, so you can't slip on the small feet without breaking something...