Ascent 2 of Es Pontas by Jernej Kruder

Date of Ascent:

November 01, 2016

Suggested Grade:



about 9th grade (9b hard with a symbolic grade). 39 tries, 16 sessions over four weeks


Jernej Kruder Repeats Sharma’s “King Line” Es Pontas
Slovenian climber Jernej Kruder has made the second ascent of Chris Sharma’s famous “King Line” Es Pontas in Mallorca, Spain. He had projected the deep-water-solo route for almost a month before finally taking it to the top today.


INTERVIEW: Jernej Kruder about Es Pontas
I'll just stick with Chris' words. This thing is so specific. For sure it's about 9th grade, but there are so many different factors. Like the dyno. If there are 200 people in the World climbing 9a, maybe just 10% of them can do it. Then there is the fear factor. The mind battle of trying it all over again without knowing if you're able to do all the moves or not. So at the moment I don't feel like a Superman who's able to climb all the hardest climbs in the World, but I feel lucky to have all of the skills that you need for this route. Maybe I'm just one of few chosen guys, who can actually climb this thing. I give a huge respect to Chris. It must have been so rad for him to realize that this thing is even possible. Spending 100 tries to catch the dyno, without knowing if the rest is possible?? That's also why I also don't want to talk about the grade. This route is one of the hardest routes in the World! And for sure not because of the hard moves...but getting all together.