Date of Ascent:

February 11, 2015

Suggested Grade:



2 years




Two 8C's by Motoshi Nagao
(Subject)Motochika Nagao sent Byakudo on Feb 11,2015. (Nagao)It took over two years including each tries on the lower part,Variation(8A+) and the upper part,Bachelorette(8A/8A+). Variation includes peculiar sequence and the crux undercling is very hard even as a single problem.Even after going through the lower part,the crux one finger dyno of Bachelorette is lying in wait.Struggled to go through Variartion and had managed to reach the upper part with great difficuty,I was thrown off abruptly.It was so hard problem physically and mentally. Though I have climbed a couple of long linking boulder problems,never climbed the problem included the crux move in each of the lower and upper part.So happy to finally send this problem! Thankful to the people who taught moves to me and accompanied me after dark." Also,he has done 2nd ascent of another 8C,Babel,which is the hardest line in Shiobara on Nov 30,2013.