Date of Ascent:

July 15, 2014

Suggested Grade:





DPM Interview
In the Depths of Solitude was another line I saw in 2012 but really could not imagine it. It looked impossible to me and I could not visualize a way to get from the bottom to the top. When I came back this year, I cleaned it and began working it day after day. The sequences evolved and it finally started to become possible. The line is pretty long so at first I could 4 piece it, then 3 piece, 2 piece, etc. It begins low on an obvious slot feature at the bottom of this very long overhanging feature that is wedged between two boulders. The climbing is powerful and pumpy. The intro boulder has these crazy toe hooks that lead you out of a bulge and into the main overhang. From there it is hard climbing to the end, big moves, bad holds, and really tensiony!