Date of Ascent:

May 27, 2015

Suggested Grade:



10 days


Chilam balam, 9b, by Seb Bouin
Seb Bouin has made third ascent of Barnabé Fernandez' Chilam balam, 9b, at Villanueva del Rosario near Malaga, Spain. The route is around 80m and 400 moves long, with the redpoint crux, some delicate slab moves at the very top.




INTERVIEW: Seb Bouin about Chilam Balam
It is clear that 9b+ was a mega joke! I do not think it's a real 9b. For Adam Ondra it is a low end 9b. For Dani Andrada who tried it with me it is 9a+. Edu Marin says 9a+/9b. After reflection I propose 9a+/9b. I think there are 9b's that are much harder...