Date of Ascent:

January 30, 2017

Suggested Grade:




First round, first minute, 9b, by Stefano Ghisolfi
Finally First round first minute fell!! After 3 days of rest due to rain and wetness, today, with a little bit of moisture, the belayed by the exceptional Alex [Megos] and rooting by Sara I managed to get the masterpiece freed by Chris Sharma and repeated by Adam Ondra and Alex Megos. Now first round also speaks a little Italian!


VIDEO: Stefano Ghisolfi sending First Round First Minute.
EpicTV athlete Stefano Ghisholfi makes the fourth ascent of Chris Sharma's 9b 'First Round, First Minute' in Margalef, Spain, back in January, his second 9b after establishing Italy's first, Lapsus, in 2015.