VIDEO: Stefano Ghisolfi sending La Capella.
A present for my birthday: the full video of La Capella (9b) is online now! Stefano Ghisolfi


Cotting: The Story of Two Worlds 8B+
There’s always a way to do it better - Find it!“ And I found it. Enough to climb Dave Graham’s masterpiece „The Story of Two Worlds“. 3.5 years of trying and specific training. It was a crazy journey. After all the Betas we found (kneebar, heel-toe-lock), I think "Story" is closer to 8B+ than to 8C. Thanks to everybody, who helped me, to find all this crucial micro-betas. Regarding the low start: It basically adds only one more move. The first move and to put the knee bar is harder too. But no, there is almost no difference to the normal start (it's just nicer :). But keep in mind: With the NEW Betas. The low start was for sure harder for Dai. Not to mention how insanely difficult his Beta is for the whole "Story". My greatest respect to Dai!
Nacho Sánchez repite ‘El indomable’: “Para mí, no es el bloque más difícil de España”
Para mí, creo que está bien de 8C, aunque es muy exigente. Pero a ver qué dicen los futuros repetidores; por ahora hay dos opiniones.