Date of Ascent:

January, 2017

Suggested Grade:



8-10 days over 2 months




3rd ascent of Crisis, ~8C/+ by Alberto Rocasolano
Alberto "Beto" Rocasolano has made the third ascent of Nacho Sanchez' Crisis, ~8C/+, at Crevillente in southeastern Spain.


Beto Rocasolano estrena 'Crisis por insomnio' 8B+/C en Crevillente
Yes, I knew him from before because I was close to repeating Insomnia, but the breaking of a song in the key step has left it unrepeatable. This break was due to someone who wanted to break it. It is still in the air that matter ... And not only breaking that, but many other more blocks, like Heresy 8B (I made the first ascent after a break by a climber), Infinite patience 8B + (broken but at least it does not change The hardness) and also breaking Crisis. That's why we had to work on solving the movements differently than Nacho did.