Date of Ascent:

October 27, 2017

Suggested Grade:



17 sessions over 2 months


Première répétition de Salamandre par Baptiste Dherbilly – First repeat of Salamandre by Baptiste Dherbilly
The extreme routes in the ninth grade of Fred Rouhling in the late 90’s and the beginning of the new century have known very few attempts and repeats. Only « Hugh » 9a in Eaux Claires, Charentes, France got some repeats by Alessandro Lamberti, Pierre Bollinger and Dai Koyamada. But « De l’autre côté du ciel », « Akira », « Mandallaz drive » « Empreintes » et « Salamandre » stayed unrepeated. Since few weeks, Baptiste Dherbilly, rockclimber from Annecy, 24, was seriously trying « Salamandre » (aka « Attendez piétons ») and just di dit this week ! The route is located on the Double Cache crag, Haute-Savoie, Alps. It was first ascended bu Rouhling in 2007 with a grade around 9a+. Here are Baptiste’s thoughts : « I have been there 17 times in the last two months which represents around 50 tries. For the grade I don’t want to talk about it because I haven’t the experience to give my opinion on it. Fred had announced 9a/b, and after talking with him he thought 9a +. Until now, I had repeated as hard routes « Ordalie » a route from Fred 8c + and I did two first ascent which need to be confirmed. Both are around 8c/8c+ , one is « XV station » in Jourdy and the other one is « Entre rêve et réalité » in La Forclaz. So I have not really references in this level. That’s why I do not pronounce myself. All I know is the most difficult route I climbed. »