Date of Ascent:

July 04, 2003

Suggested Grade:



3 years. The ascent has been questioned.


Chilam Balam, first 9b+ proposal in the world
The day that I redpointed , I rated the route as a 9b+ as it seemed to me, not a bit harder of what I had done up to the date, but so much more, and not because it would be the first 9b+ in the world but because it was the sensation that I had of rate with respect to it, even so I expressed my doubts whether it was a 9b or a 9b+ and perphaps the innovative of the route was what made me opt to it upwards.


Andalusia Dreamin' - No 225
Named after an ancient Mayan story, Chilam-Balam is a traversing, 270-foot super-pitch of overhanging stamina climbing on tufas and colonettes with several bouldering cruxes. Fernández spent three years working the 22-bolt line, using static lines and three-foot-long quickdraws to reduce rope drag and fall potential from the radically overhanging route.