Date of Ascent:

February 15, 2016

Suggested Grade:



3 days. Watch the ascent on "Out of Sight III".


Fanatic Climbing reports on Facebook about James Webb and Charles Albert's ascents of Le Pied à Coulisse.
Premières répétitions. Le pied à coulisse, le 8C+ ouvert par Guillaume Glairon-Mondet au rocher Gréau à Bleau a reçu ses 2 premières répétitions aujourd'hui par James Webb et Charles Albert ! A noter que Charles a opté pour une sortie plus directe adaptée à son style pieds nus qu'il juge plus facile (environ 8B+). Quant à James Webb il a répété le bloc dans la version de Guillaume et penche davantage pour un 8C mais "un des plus durs de la forêt". Ce problème lui aura pris 3 jours. First repeats. Le pied à coulisse, 8C+ of Guillaume Glairon-Mondet in Rocher Gréau, Font received his 2 first repeats today by James Webb and Charles Albert barefoot ! Charles has done the boulder with a direct exit. "It's easier than the original method, but maybe only possible without climbing shoes." Here is Webb's words from his scorecard : "First of all major props to Gui Gui for having the vision to create this line! Its a very nice problem hosting both technical and powerful movement. Regarding the grade I personally feel 8C is more appropriate though it is definitely one of the hardest in the forest. Today Charles and I climbed it using VERY different methods. Charles created a direct sequence that eliminates around 6 moves off Gui's line and honestly might only be doable if youre barefoot. For me I decided to repeat Gui's line because I wanted to climb what he thought could be that next level. Nonetheless I'm keen to have it done and really psyched to move forward on other projects! 2nd ascent. 3 days"