Ascent 1 of No Kpote Only by Charles Albert

Date of Ascent:

December 13, 2018

Suggested Grade:



20 sessions


Charles Albert propose un 9A bloc à Bleau ! – Charles Albert claims a 9A boulder in Font!
Charles Albert has done the first ascent of a new extreme problem in Font about a month ago, although the news just came out. He doesn’t seem to have much hesitation regarding the grade and suggests 9A! The line is located at Rocher Brûlé on the Roche à Claude boulder, on the top of the hill (uphill the classic « Théorie des jeux ») and is named « No Kapote only », as reads a graffiti on the boulder.




Le virtuose grimpeur suisse Giuliano Cameroni nous parle du 9A de Charles Albert
Le 13 décembre 2018, sans crash pad, sans chaussons, Charles Albert a réussi No Kpote Only, un bloc d’une difficulté quasi irréelle sur les hauteurs du Rocher Brûlé de Fontainebleau.