Ascent 1 of Alasha by Chris Sharma

Date of Ascent:

September 15, 2016

Suggested Grade:



20 days over 5 years. Ungraded, but should be roughly the same difficulty as Es Pontas.


Chris Sharma opens Alasha, 9? DWS on Mallorca
Chris Sharma has made the first ascent of Alasha, a Deep Water Solo (DWS) route which he says is of roughly the same difficulty as Es Pontas.


Chris Sharma reports on Facebook about his first ascent of Alasha.
Last week I was able to send a long term project that I'd been trying over the last 5 years on the northwest coast of Mallorca. In honor of my beautiful daughter I named the line #Alasha. So proud of this one. I really had to work hard , dig deep and pull out all the tricks in the book. As you can see it's quite a stunning piece of stone in a very epic location. It's a very different style to Es Pontas but I'd say it's somewhere in the similar difficulty range. In this picture I'm entering the crux boulder sequence (maybe around 8B) at about 18 meters high. Somewhat auspicious was the fact I sent it around the 10 year anniversary of my ascent of Es Pontas . As time passes , it's crazy to see so many things change and yet the passion is still quite the same. Life is good! A nice note to be entering the climbing season on! So much gratitude to my wife @alarconjimena for all of the support, and to my good friends @psicobloc @giancolafoto @brettlowell @joshlowell for accompanying me on my journey. Stay tuned as the send was filmed for an upcoming @rbmh production with @senderfilms @bigupclimbing @evolvusa @prana @redbull @clifbarcompany @sanuk @sharmaclimbingbcn @walltopia @climbskinspain @buffofficial @petzl_official @sterlingrope 📷:Adrian Garcia


Chris Sharma Sends Five-Year 5.15 Deep Water Solo Project
Just as he chose not to grade Es Pontas, Sharma declined to grade Alasha—at least definitively. “Everyone wants to know how hard it is,” Sharma says, “but reflecting on the whole DWS thing, it’s such a different thing than sport climbing or regular rock climbing. So it’s really hard to put a grade on it. “The only comparison I can make is to other routes I’ve done and the amount of effort it took. If it had bolts on it, it probably wouldn’t be a 9b (5.15b). But when you’re 60 feet up with no bolts, it takes the same amount of effort.”