Date of Ascent:

May 08, 2015

Suggested Grade:



8C (maybe harder). 3 years. Watch the ascent on "Dai's Video Diaries vol. 5".


Dai Koyamada's report about the super project in Mt. Hiei.
I sat down on the pitch-dark ledge with heavy breathing and stayed there for a moment until I became aware that I’ve done it finally. I had to climb up another 5 meters of slab to reach the top. So I asked to pass me a headlamp and enjoyed the completion of this project with fear but with full of happiness. This is how I completed my hardest climbing ever. Before finishing this project, I was afraid that I would burn out and might lose motivation for climbing. But this never happened.


Dai Koyamada talks about the grade of Horizon.
Grade I keep the time being five-stage + ~ V15 and ~.


Dai Koyamada talks about the grade of Horizon (in English).
I decided on the name of the problem - ‘Horizon’ and on the grade at V15+ tentatively.