Ascent 1 of Uma (ユーマ) by Dai Koyamada

Date of Ascent:

May 26, 2005

Suggested Grade:




Dai Koyamada's profile on Asana Climbing.
Dai is a living legend. He has one of the greatest ticklists of hard climbing ever assembled. He began climbing in 1993 and in 1996 won the Japanese National Championship. In 2004 he climbed the FA of the legendary Wheel Of Life in the Grampians of Australia. That same year he repeated Dreamtime, in Cresciano, CH. The next year, 2005, he climbed his own V15, Hydrangea, in Shiobara, Japan, as well as the iconic route in the Frankenjura, Action Direct 5.14d. In the following years he repeated Big Paw V14 or V15, In Search of Time Lost V15, and Dark Matter V15. He has also established a number of hard boulders in Japan, including Hyper Ballad V15, Uma V15 and many others..