Ascent 2 of Yami no Emaki by Dai Koyamada

Date of Ascent:

March 09, 2004

Suggested Grade:



7C+/8A. 3 hours


8C to 7C+ in 3hrs!
On March 9, 2004, Dai Koyamada made the second ascent of Yami no Emaki in Ogawayama, Japan. The problem is a slab and was first climbed by Tokio Muroi(article posted on November 28, 2003), who gave it 8C. According to Dai, it took him only 7 tries and 3 hours to send the problem, and Yami no Emaki deserves 7C+/8A. We can't wait to hear what the third ascensionist may say. - See more at: