Date of Ascent:

October 21, 2010

Suggested Grade:



Woods originally suggested 8C hard, but later changed his opinion to 8C+ soft. 8-10 days




Daniel Woods upgrades Hypnotized Minds to 8C+
Just to clarify I have upgraded Hypno to 8C+... When I first established it in 2010 I did not have as much experience as I do now with Boulder grades. Hypno went relatively fast for me (8-10 days) spread across spring and fall season, so I assumed it was 8C. Hypno is the epitome of my style in climbing and still took a bit to figure out. Last week I repeated it from 3 moves in (first couple moves are not hard) and felt like it was still harder than anything I've climbed so far in that style. Dave and Paul are psyched on it and have told me they think it feels 8C+ as well. The boulder is 30 seconds from the road and has gone 6 years without a repeat though Dave and Paul are close. I started trying the connection from bear toss which starts on the left arĂȘte and adds in 6 moves of v11 to the start of Veritas (8A) or Hypno (8C+) with zero rest. Though it's not a pure straight up new test piece, it has amazing moves and is one hell of a challenge.