Ascent 2 of Le Boa by Fabian Buhl

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3 years



Fabian Buhl wiederholt als Erster den 8c-Boulder Le Boa
Der deutsche Kletterer Fabian Buhl kann endlich einen Haken unter sein Langzeitprojekt des 8c-Boulders Le Boa setzen.


INTERVIEW: Fabian Buhl
For sure there are times when I have a certain project, then I try to focus more and also train for it. Otherwise I could not have climbed Le Boa, 8C [first and only repetition of this Fred Nicole boulder from 2011] this spring, there is just sometimes projects that are harder than my all round level, then I need to invest a bit more, but in the end it's worth it! And like that I can always try to push my personal limit in each discipline, I like to see this steady progress it keeps me motivated.