Date of Ascent:

August 18, 2002

Suggested Grade:




Fred Nicole, the bouldering interview
Fred Nicole's climbs: a non-exhaustive choice from the beginning. 1983 – I start climbing with my brother François in Eclèpens, first 3+ (no name). 1987- Le toit d’Auguste 8b+ route Loubière France. 1989 - La vie, l’univers et le reste 8c route at St-Loup. 1990 - La traction céleste 8a boulder Branson. 1992 - La danse des Balrogs 8b boulder Branson 1993 - Bain de Sang 9a route St-Loup. First trip to the US. 1994 - E la nave va 8c traverse, Lindental. 1995 - Broadsword 8b+/c traverse Lindental, The crown of Aragorn v13 at Hueco, Dominator 8a+/b in a day Yosemite, Karma 8a in Font. 1996 - Radja 8b+ boulder, Branson. first trip to Rockland: Black Eagle Stand –up 8a+, Leopard cave 8a+ , Pendragon 8a flash, Tai chi 8a. 1997 - Li v13, Slashface v13/14 at Hueco. 1998 - Coeur de Léon v14 at Hueco, La pierre philosophale 8b in Font. 1999 - Fatman sitdown 8b boulder at Font. 2000 - Nunjanuka 8b Armidale Australia, Oliphant’s Dawn 8b/c at Rockland, Dreamtime 8c in Cresciano. 2001 - Goldfish v14 at Bishop, Esperanza v14 Hueco. 2002 - La Chimère 9a+ route, St-Loup. Black Eagle sitdown 8C boulder, Monkey Weading 8c boulder, both at Rockland, Le galet 8b boulder in Murg. 2003 - Massive attack 8a+/b flash, New Base Line 8b+ both at Avers. Madiba 8b+, Mooiste Meisie 8b+ both in Rockland.Nagual V13, Hueco. 2004 - Le poinçonneur des Lilas 8c boulder in Baslerjura, Golden Shadow 8b+/c. 2005 - Entlinge 8c boulder in Murg. Amandla 8c boulder in Rockland, before the crux edge broke a bit and became slightly bigger. Terremer 8c at Hueco. 2006 - Witness the Fitness, Arkansas. 2007 - Ragtime 8b+ at Amden, Flanagan 8b in Murg, White stripe 8b at Brione. 2008 - Derailed 8b+ boulder, Quintessential 8b at Rockland. 2009 - L’Isola che non c’è in Amden, a hybrie boulder-route, a great hard line, maybe similar to a ninth grade sport climb, Kryptos 8c boulder In Balstal, The Swarm 8b at Bishop. 2011 - Le Boa 8c boulder in eastern Switzerland. Mandragore 8b+ boulder, Cuzzago. L’ombre du vent 8b boulder at Murg.Trice v12, Flagstaff.