Date of Ascent:

October 12, 2011

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Nalle Hukkataival: Hardest climbs
First Ascents: Livin' Large V15 (8C) South Africa Circus Elephant Syndrome V14/V15 (8B+/8C) Finland Massive Dynamic V14 (8B+) Australia The Globalist V14 (8B+) Finland Ninja Skills V14 (8B+) Switzerland Living The Dream V14 (8B+) Finland The Escapist V14 (8B+) South Africa Occam's Razor V14 (8B+) Australia Realist V14 (8B+) France Modified Limited Rampage V14 (8B+) South Africa Pigeon Superstition V14 (8B+) Australia Never Say Never V14 (8B+) Australia The Machinist V13/14 (8B/8B+) Texas Sunseeker V13 (8B) Colorado The Diamond V13 (8B+) Norway Hypergravity V13 (8B) Finland Dodo V13 (8B) Finland Normipäivä V13 (8B) Finland Rough Gem V13 (8B) Norway Tequila Sunrise V13 (8B) Texas 7 Veljestä V13 (8B) Finland Feel Good Inc. V13 (8B) Finland Repeats: The Island V15 (8C) France Dreamtime V14 (8B+) Switzerland Oliphant's Dawn V14 (8B+) South Africa Esperanza V14 (8B+) Monkey Business V14 (8B+) South Africa Jade V14 (8B+) Colorado New Base Line V14 (8B+) Switzerland Sky V14 (8B+) South Africa Lost In The Hood V14 (8B+) Arkansas Madiba V14 (8B+) South Africa Gecko Assis V14 (8B+) France King of Limbs V14 (8B+) South Africa Golden Shadow V14 (8B+) South Africa Confessions V14 (8B+) Switzerland Satan I Helvete Bas V14 (8B+) France Amandla V14 (8B+) South Africa Ode to the Modern Man V14 (8B+) Colorado Mooiste Maise V14 (8B+) South Africa The Mandala SDS V14 (8B+) California Derailed V14 (8B+) South Africa


Hukkataival climbs Circus Elephant Syndrome, "hard 8B+"
It's a great problem on bulletproof granite and climbs extremely well. Every move requires lots of body tension and shoulder strength. It climbs very differently than granite usually does and it is more like a sandstone problem style-wise. I decided to name it Circus Elephant Syndrome and for the grade I'm proposing hard 8B+. In my opinion 8B+ is HARD and I intend to keep my line with the 8C grade, which I still view as cutting-edge until something a notch above the current bouldering level gets climbed. However, the way 8C has been shifting again lately, this grade may not correspond too well. Either way, Circus Elephant Syndrome is likely the hardest boulder problem in Finland and a world-class shoulder strength testpiece! I'm very psyched that I finally got it done!!!