Ascent 4 of Ill Trill by Nalle Hukkataival

Date of Ascent:

May 29, 2015

Suggested Grade:



8B+/8C. One session


Nalle Hukkataival reports on Facebook about his repeat of Ill Trill.
Great first day in Switzerland! Landed in Zurich earlier today and beelined it straight to Magic Wood leaving me with plenty of time to still head out to the boulders. Solving the beta puzzle took some effort, but soon enough I managed to climb Ill Trill 8B+/8C in a session! Having spent the last months tirelessly working on the Lappnor project, some days failing to even do a single move, I must say I had almost forgotten how good it feels to actually top out a boulder problem! Sun is shining and life is smiling! Good times in Swizzy and only first of many days! (And the worst picture quality in modern history) SWOOOOPP!!