Date of Ascent:

July 04, 2016

Suggested Grade:





Paul Robinson reports on Facebook about his first ascent of The Dragon's Guardian.
I can clearly remember seeing this boulder for the first time out in the distance. It was 2014, and my first time exploring this valley in the cederberg. I ran over excited, not knowing what I would find underneath the roof. I quickly spied an easier line that would later become, "dragon's eye," but to the left remained a nearly blank section of perfect stone that almost begged to be climbed. That year, I could not visualize the line so I left without trying it. I came back this year with a fresh perspective and sat there trying to figure out a sequence through the roof. I eventually decided it could be feasible and I began to give the project efforts. Days went by on it, some good, some bad, but each day I learned and broke down the sequences one by one. After, a big storm, I woke up to perfect conditions. I marched up the hill and straight to this roof. After a short warm up and a quick refresher on some of the moves, I took a few deep breaths, chalked up, and sent the line that I once thought could never be climbed! The process of it all really was just as amazing as standing atop of what I am now naming, "The Dragon's Guardian, 8C/V15. No words can describe what it is like for me to find and climb all of these first ascents; I just feel extremely lucky and grateful for the opportunity that I have been given 😀. #bouldering photo: @jacquesvanzylphotography