Kryptos, ~8C, by Katrin "Kaddi" Lehmann!
Kaddi Lehmann has made the fourth ascent of Franz Widmer's Kryptos at Morchelstock in the Balsthal, Switzerland.
Katrin Lehmann boulders Kryptos, only second woman to send 8C
On 14 May Katrin Kaddi Lehmann repeated Kryptos, an 8C boulder problem at Morchelstock in Switzerland.
INTERVIEW: Jonathan Siegrist Goes Big with Third Ascent of Jumbo Love (5.15b)
He returned to Jumbo Love in April this year, and spent several weeks projecting the route when temperatures permitted. Then, today, Siegrist posted on Instagram, “Something like a dream… Jumbo Love.”
Jonathan Siegrist repeats Jumbo Love, 9b
Jonathan Siegrist has repeated Chris Sharma's Jumbo Love, 9b, at Clark Mountain, Nevada. This was the 3rd ascent after Sharma and Ethan Pringle.