A bloc – Bouldering action
*** In Font, local climber Elric Besnier proposes a new start to Franchard’s classical 7C+/8A “Millenium”. You start to the left of the arete with “Mille” a 7C sitstart, before a traverse on the lip into the start of “Millenium”. This problem is proposed 8C.
Kintsugi 8B+ (8C) by Ethan Pringle
The fact that your ass is about 15 feet off he ground when you do the crux though, adds a huge physiological element that definitely raises the difficulty of the boulder. So, with the added element of the height, and the much easier intro moves, I think for me, the overall difficulty was in the 14 range. Even though I used easier beta, it's still one of the hardest climbs I've ever done. And definitely one of the best!!!
Le virtuose grimpeur suisse Giuliano Cameroni nous parle du 9A de Charles Albert
Le 13 décembre 2018, sans crash pad, sans chaussons, Charles Albert a réussi No Kpote Only, un bloc d’une difficulté quasi irréelle sur les hauteurs du Rocher Brûlé de Fontainebleau.