VIDEO: Toshi Takeuchi sending Monkey Wedding.
Raw, real, and genuine. This is what climbing is about. Around here we love stylized pieces and perfectly curated footage, but we also love an honest, candid look at hard climbing. This is Toshi Takeuchi at his finest - soaring through seemingly impossible boulders with relative ease and having a great time doing it. Enter our rough, (mostly) uncut footage of: Spectre V13 - Opener The Swarm V13/14 - 1:20 Monkey Wedding V15 - 2:21 Let's #Takehold Together Website: Instagram: Music by: Louis Wall Filmography by: Ryan White
Stefano Ghisolfi portrays his Perfecto Mundo at Margalef
Interview with Stefano Ghisolfi after his repeat of Perfecto Mundo, the 9b+ at Margalef in Spain considered one of the most difficult sport climbs in the world. After Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma and Alexander Megos, the 25-year-old climber from Italy is now only the fourth climber to master these difficulties.
Stefano Ghisolfi is Perfect on “Perfecto Mundo” (5.15c)
For many of his 32 days on the route, Ghisolfi found himself sending through the mono, only to slip off the pinch. But today things worked out perfectly. He told Rock and Ice about the moment he latched the crux pinch, “It seemed unreal, when I grabbed the pinch I couldn’t believe it because I fell many times there.”
Charles Albert ouvre Hypothèse assis 8C+ – Charles Albert opens Hypothèse assis 8C+
It’s at the entrance of Cuvier (Font) that Charles Albert added recently a new testpiece with the sit-start of classical 7C+ “Hypothèse”. You need to sit at the ground without crashpad with a fragile undercling for going again on the edge of the stand start and finish in that one (aphysical one on slopers graded 7C+). Charles gives 8C+ as grade.