Premier 8C pour Nicolas Pelorson – First 8C by Pelorson
“I did 3 sessions last year but conditions were not good. This week, it was perfect! I did a little session on it on Monday, working on new betas and I did it the day after. In Font, conditions are most important than the shape of the climber! It’s a very impressive line which looks impossible when you watch it. Very playful to climb!”
Jakob Schubert repeats El Bon Combat, ~9b
Jakob Schubert has repeated Chris Sharma's El Bon Combat in the Cova de l'ocell not far from Barcelona, Spain. Chris gave the route 9b/+ whereas Jakob is leaning towards it being a bit easier, hard 9a+ or so. This was the first repeat.
Shawn Raboutou climbs Off the Wagon Low, first 8C+ in Switzerland
American climber Shawn Raboutou has made the long-awaited first ascent of Off the Wagon Low, in Valle Bavona. Reportedly graded 8C+, this is now the hardest boulder problem in Switzerland.