9a+ and 9b for Chris in the same day!
After that, he is psyched to trie his old proyect "Fight or flight" 9b and zaaass!! he sent it!! ole! And to finish the day he gave a burn on "Chaxi" 9a+ (just to remember this part of the route) and yes sir! he put it in his pocket! :-) Yes, we can!! hehe.. good job peque!
Chilam Balam, first 9b+ proposal in the world
The day that I redpointed , I rated the route as a 9b+ as it seemed to me, not a bit harder of what I had done up to the date, but so much more, and not because it would be the first 9b+ in the world but because it was the sensation that I had of rate with respect to it, even so I expressed my doubts whether it was a 9b or a 9b+ and perphaps the innovative of the route was what made me opt to it upwards.